S4Gear has the BEST binocular harnesses, camera harnesses, smartphone mounting systems, and retractable tether systems in the industry!!


S4Gear is the industry leader in binocular harnesses, camera harnesses, smartphone mounting systems, and retractable tether systems.  S4Gear continues to develop new and innovative products striving to provide SOLUTIONS FOR GEAR! S4Gear is dedicated to providing superior quality, craftsmanship, and technically advanced products that meet the demands of nature and those who tame it.

Check out our S4Gear Products:

S4Gear has the best binocular harnesses on the market with the
Lockdown Binocular Harness and the LockDownX Binocular Harness. In addition S4 added the LockDownX Camera Harness, tailoring the LockDownX's features to your camera for more comfortable and secure shooting. These harnesses are the most comfortable binocular and camera harnesses on the market today.  Not only are they comfortable but they also provide the most protection and security to your optics and lenses. No swinging or bouncing of your optics or camera, they stay safe and secure to your chest.

S4Gear has also kept the outdoor industry up to date with our smartphone mounting systems.  We saw an opportunity as smartphones have become more advanced and have more capabilities to introduce the
JackKnife Smartphone Bow Mount, JackKnife Smartphone Tube/Gun Mount and the ZOOM SVS Smartphone Digiscoping Mount.  These products allow you to mount your smartphone (including most iPhones and Samsung Galaxies) to your compound bow, gun, ATV, golf cart, bike, motorcycle, spotting scope, telescope, binoculars and much more! You can take videos and images as the action happens and post them to your favorite social media outlet, just SHOOT... VIEW... SHARE...

S4Gear is all about SOLUTIONS FOR GEAR! 

So our next solution is our SideWinder EVO Retractable Tether System. Everyone brings along different technologies such as rangefinders, GPS, radios and much more to assist them in there adventures.  The SideWinder EVO with its lever lock belt clip keeps any one of these technologies secure and safely with you.  No more fear of dropping or losing anything. It will stay safe and secure while still being accessible and easy to use.